Asia Argento rape scene

Asia Argento rape sceneA female cop (the sexy Asia Argento) is on the tail of a rapist in the Italian thriller The Stendhal Syndrome (1996).

It turns out he’s smarter than her though because he breaks into her hotel room one night and surprises her while she’s sleeping. Leaping on her and placing his hand over her mouth, he menacingly removes his hand and replaces it with a gun as Asia gasps and recoils in terror, her eyes wide with fear.

The baddie has a smug look on his face, knowing that he has her, and rips open her nightie to briefly reveal her boob, which he squeezes as she wriggles about trying to shake him off.

He is in total control though and with the gun in her mouth Asia knows she is powerless. She reluctantly puts up no resistance as he slowly unbuttons his pants, lifts her nightwear and rapes her before slipping out into the night.

Hot Latina raped by a black man

Hot Latina raped by a black manIliana Ross stars in the Mexican movie La Coquito (1977) which tells the true story of a sexy Cuban singer and the struggles she had before attaining fame and fortune.

No struggle was as hard as the one she puts up in the sixth minute of the film when a big black guy breaks into her bedroom and assaults her. It’s a long scene showing him sneaking up on her, ripping open her shirt to reveal her firm nubile tits and then kissing her all over as she screams and shouts for help.

Eventually he manages to get his cock up her pussy and she stops writhing about, accepting defeat and lying still as he finishes fucking her.

Thankfully the hot lady recovered from this setback and went on to have a glittering career.

Japanese schoolgirl rape scene from A Woman with Red Hair (1979)

Japanese schoolgirl rapedThis controversial movie from Japan sees Asian beauty Miyako Yamaguchi portraying a schoolgirl who gets taken advantage of by a couple of assholes on a building site. Don’t worry though, the actress was in her twenties at the time even though the film depicts underage sex.

Knowing no-one else will be around the site in the early evening, the construction workers lure pretty Miyako there by being nice and sweet. The naive teen goes with them, but things turn nasty when one of them tries to kiss her. She rebuffs him, but he’s not taking no for an answer and wrestles her to the ground, ripping open her shirt and exposing her breasts with very erect nipples.

A struggle ensues and he forces his dick inside her, raping her despite her telling him “It hurts!” and then collapsing on top of her once he comes.

Lesbian rape scene in Jaded (1996)

Carla Gugino lesbian rape scene in JadedThe beautiful Carla Gugino is the sexy but unwilling victim as she is forced to have lesbian sex with two hot girls she thought were her friends.

After the three of them get drunk and go for a late night skinny dip in the sea, they come out of the water and collapse on the beach laughing. One of them playfully gets on top of Carla, who is lying on her back on the sand, and kisses her. Carla doesn’t really like that and giggles nervously, but then things turn nasty when the other girl holds poor Carla down while they grope her big breasts and start to slap her around.

Carla fights back but is too shocked and weak to stop the assault. One of the dykes gets an empty bottle and uses it to penetrate Carla’s pussy as she writhes about in pain and humiliation while her callous attackers simply laugh and abuse her buxom body for their entertainment.

They leave her unconscious and nude on the beach where she’s discovered early the next morning by a woman out walking her dog.

Leslie Stefanson rape scene from The General’s Daughter

Leslie Stefanson rape scene from The Generals DaughterThis harrowing scene occurs towards the end of the movie when the story of Leslie’s betrayal and rape by her fellow soldiers is told in flashback.

The nasty marines corner their own comrade on a training exercise at night in a pre-meditated gang rape. Pinning her to the dirty ground, they rip off her camouflage uniform and then her underwear as she struggles and screams, hardly able to believe what is happening to her. Her arms and legs are held down by four soldiers as the others take turns fucking her in the dirt, groping her naked breasts as they humiliate and assault her.

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