Sexual Molestor Network (2004)

A Japanese woman is forced to give oral sex in Sexual Molestor NetworkAs the tile suggests, a group of pervy Japanese businessmen set up a syndicate to capture and rape hot young women in this strange movie.

In this scene they’ve kidnapped a sexy young lady (Sakura Shiratori) and one of them rips open her top, pulls down her bra and plays with her big breasts, sucking and groping them. Then he gets his dick out and looms over her, making her give him oral sex for free. Afterwards she is forced to have sex with him against her will.

Promised Land (2004)

Rosamund Pike stars in this drama about a group of young Estonian women who are smuggled through Africa to be sold as sex slaves, unbeknown to them of course.

In this particular scene, one girl is roughly dragged to her feet and forced to give oral sex to one of her captors. The guy unzips his fly and pushes her down towards his dick, making it very clear she’s to suck him off or else. The poor girl has little option other than to give him a blowjob in front of everybody and looks thoroughly disgusted as she is made to go down on him.