Jaded (1996)

Carla Gugino is forced to have lesbian sex in JadedWhen busty beauty Carla Gugino and two girl friends go for a drunken midnight skinny dip, everything seems lighthearted and fun. But when they haul their sexy wet bodies out of the water and collapse in a giggly heap on the sand, things turn nasty.

The other two girls hold Carla down and force alcohol down her throat before beating her and forcing her to have lesbian sex with them, forcing a bottle up her pussy and abusing her beautiful huge breasts.

Bulletface (2010)

Victoria Maurette forced to have lesbian sex in BulletfaceVictoria Maurette stars in this extremely silly thriller. The only redeeming quality of the movie is that it contains lots of nudity from it’s sexy star, especially in this forced lesbian scene.

Held down and ravaged by a couple of nude inmates in a prison cell, naked Victoria shows off her hot body too as she’s forced to fuck the two lesbians. They hold her down and kiss her, rub her big breasts and generally enjoy her amazing body against her will.