Asia Argento rape scene

Asia Argento rape sceneA female cop (the sexy Asia Argento) is on the tail of a rapist in the Italian thriller The Stendhal Syndrome (1996).

It turns out he’s smarter than her though because he breaks into her hotel room one night and surprises her while she’s sleeping. Leaping on her and placing his hand over her mouth, he menacingly removes his hand and replaces it with a gun as Asia gasps and recoils in terror, her eyes wide with fear.

The baddie has a smug look on his face, knowing that he has her, and rips open her nightie to briefly reveal her boob, which he squeezes as she wriggles about trying to shake him off.

He is in total control though and with the gun in her mouth Asia knows she is powerless. She reluctantly puts up no resistance as he slowly unbuttons his pants, lifts her nightwear and rapes her before slipping out into the night.

Sexual Molestor Network (2004)

A Japanese woman is forced to give oral sex in Sexual Molestor NetworkAs the tile suggests, a group of pervy Japanese businessmen set up a syndicate to capture and rape hot young women in this strange movie.

In this scene they’ve kidnapped a sexy young lady (Sakura Shiratori) and one of them rips open her top, pulls down her bra and plays with her big breasts, sucking and groping them. Then he gets his dick out and looms over her, making her give him oral sex for free. Afterwards she is forced to have sex with him against her will.

The Last House on the Left (2009)

Sara Paxton forced to fuck in Last House on the LeftThis remake of the controversial 70s horror pulls no punches in its graphic depiction of rape and torture.

Sara Paxton and her teenage girl friend are dragged into the woods by a trio of cruel scumbags (two guys and a girl) who plan to rape and kill them. Sara is forced to fuck by one of them, who holds her down face down in the dirt and puts his dick in her ass, raping her as she cries until she stops struggling in a rough scene that’s difficult to watch.

They leave her for dead but thankfully she survives and sets about plotting her revenge…

Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Maria Schneider forced anal in Last Tango in ParisGorgeous French brunette Maria Schneider is the subject of this controversial scene, one of the most infamous in the history of cinema.

Sadistic Marlon Brando is having an affair with curvy Maria and here decides he wants to have anal sex with her. So holding her face down on the floor, he pulls her pants and underwear down and smears butter over her asshole while she protests. Then he climbs on top of her and thrusts his cock into her ass while instructing her to repeat the things he’s saying as he ass fucks her juicy round butt.

Jaded (1996)

Carla Gugino is forced to have lesbian sex in JadedWhen busty beauty Carla Gugino and two girl friends go for a drunken midnight skinny dip, everything seems lighthearted and fun. But when they haul their sexy wet bodies out of the water and collapse in a giggly heap on the sand, things turn nasty.

The other two girls hold Carla down and force alcohol down her throat before beating her and forcing her to have lesbian sex with them, forcing a bottle up her pussy and abusing her beautiful huge breasts.

The Mudge Boy (2003)

A young man is larking about with his friend and tries on a wedding dress for a laugh. Only that seems to turn his friend on and he is forced to blow him by the much stronger and older guy. Then the gay guy roughly fucks his more effeminate friend in the ass.